Casa do Arrabalde 2010

Casa do Arrabalde 2010 Portuguese white wine

Casa do Arrabalde 2010

White Wine | Regional Minho | 12,5% vol.

Casa do Arrabalde 2010 is a dry white wine from the Vinho Verde region. It has an intense citrus color with vivid tropical aromas that complement the structure and complexity of white wine. It brings together an interesting harmony between the grape varieties Alvarinho, Arinto and Avesso demonstrating freshness and lightness.

This harvest reflects a year of cool climate and good temperature range. The harvest began in October, with dry weather, followed by manual selection and grape destemming. The fermentation was carried out in stainless steel vats.

Sustainable agriculture and a philosophy of minimal intervention techniques serve the purpose of ensuring a wine with structure and finesse that expresses the characteristics of the terroir.

White wine bottle of Casa do Arrabalde 2010

Grapes Varieties


Alvarinho 30%

The emblematic Alvarinho grape is one Portugal’s most easily recognized and finest white grape varietal, typically grown in the vinho verde region. Grape yield is low, with small bunches and thick skin. It is rustic with strong aromas and flavours that lead to complex and harmonious portuguese white wines.


Arinto 20%

Grape variety of great quality that produces vibrant and aromatic portuguese white wines, typically grown in the vinho verde region. Also known by the name Pedernã, it has good acidity and a mineral character that goes well with its citrus and tree fruit flavours. Arinto has bunches of a medium size with small grapes that are tightly together and lead to medium yields.


Avesso 50%

A high quality white grape variety that leads to full bodied aromatic and flavorful portuguese white wines. This varietal can result in wines with citrus and tree fruit aromas along with subtle hints of tropical fruit. Avesso has medium-sized bunches with large yellow and green berries. High-yielding and rustic, this grape is planted primarily in Baião, in the vinho verde region of Portugal.

Tech Data

Vegan icon

No animal-based fining agents are used during vinification. We are committed to producing vegan friendly wines in all our products.

sustainable farming
Sustainable farming

Sustainability ensures the quality and endurance of the soil and environment providing a product that is natural, responsible and eco-friendly

portuguese wine
Product of Portugal

One of the oldest winemaking countries in the world Portugal stands as a beacon of variety and quality which we are proud to be a part of.

wine guide
Fatty fish dishes and poultry

Although we don’t believe in the definitive nature of food pairings and encourage experimentation this wine works especially well with fatty fish dishes and poultry.

Bordeaux wine bottle
Bordeaux Bottle

With its straight sides and tall shoulders the Bordeaux bottle grants an elegance we seldom find with other bottles. 

wine serving temperature
Best Served 10º-12º

Our wines are best served cold. So we advise you keep your bottle at a temperature of 10-12.

grape varieties
Manual Selection

Although we rely on state of the art winemaking equipment to craft our wines we still believe that hand-picking is the best process to select the finest grapes and maintain the quality we value so much

Cork stopper
Cork Stopper

Call us traditionalists on this matter but we still love cork stoppers in our wines

sulfite free wine
Minimal Intervention

We produce terroir-driven wines. So at every harvest we use the least amount of additives and preservatives to give you an authentic experience.

award wining wines
Awarded Product

This wine has received awards in internationally recognized wine contests and competitions


International Wine Challenge
Bronze Medal
Casa do Arrabalde 2010 is the winner of a Bronze Medal at the International Wine Challenge 2011 which took place in London.
International Wine & Spirit Competition 2011
Silver Medal
The recipient of a Silver Medal at the 2011 IWSC held in the UK. With a judging panel of wine specialists that garantees the most rigorous analysis IWSC continues to this day as a world class competition.