Monólogo Avesso P67 Essência 2015

Monólogo Avesso P67 Essência

Monólogo Avesso P67 Essência 2015

White Wine | Vinho Verde DOC | 13,5% vol.

In years of special climate conditions it is possible to produce an “essência, a wine in which the maturation of the grape reaches na extreme value, allowing the yeasts, during the fermentation process, to finish their action naturally maintaining a high level of residual sugar.

The year of 2015 was one of those rare years where a small fraction of the Avesso, from the parcel P67, allowed for the production of a limited lot of “essência” that was bottled in May 2017. 

Monólogo Avesso P67 Essência bottle shot

Grapes Varieties

Avesso 100%

A high quality white grape variety that leads to full bodied aromatic and flavorful portuguese white wines. This varietal can result in wines with citrus and tree fruit aromas along with subtle hints of tropical fruit. Avesso has medium-sized bunches with large yellow and green berries. High-yielding and rustic, this grape is planted primarily in Baião, in the vinho verde region of Portugal.

Tech Data

Burgundy bottle
Burgundy Bottle

A sturdy bottle with sloping shoulders and a slightly larger girth than the Bordeaux bottle.

Food pairing
Cheeses and desserts

Although we don’t believe in the definitive nature of food pairings and encourage experimentation this wine works especially well with cheese dishes and desserts.

Vegan icon

No animal-based fining agents are used during vinification. We are committed to producing vegan friendly wines in all our products.

sustainable farming
Sustainable farming

Sustainability ensures the quality and endurance of the soil and environment providing a product that is natural, responsible and eco-friendly

portuguese wine
Product of Portugal

One of the oldest winemaking countries in the world Portugal stands as a beacon of variety and quality which we are proud to be a part of.

grape varieties
Manual Selection

Although we rely on state of the art winemaking equipment to craft our wines we still believe that hand-picking is the best process to select the finest grapes and maintain the quality we value so much

Cork stopper
Cork Stopper

Call us traditionalists on this matter but we still love cork stoppers in our wines

sulfite free wine
Minimal Intervention

We produce terroir-driven wines. So at every harvest we use the least amount of additives and preservatives to give you an authentic experience.