Monólogo Malvasia Fina P70 2017

Monólogo Malvasia Fina P70

Monólogo Malvasia Fina P70 2017

White Wine | Vinho Verde DOC | 13,5% vol.

Monólogo Malvasia P67 is a monovarietal wine produced in Quinta de Santa Teresa. The Malvasia Fina is grown in plot P67, with sustainable agriculture practices. This estate is in conversion to organic farming. It is a complex and pleasant wine, with a long-lasting finish. The 2016 winter and the first quarter of 2017 had a period of precipitation below the annual average values of the season, with temperatures within the average of previous years. Spring was very hot and dry. The vegetative cycle began earlier than usual, with the budbreak occurring in the first fortnight of March and temperatures reaching 27Cº. The night of March 23rd, was, however, extremely cold, with frost developing on the less sheltered locations. The month of April was exceptionally hot, with much higher temperatures than the average values. May was marked by above average maximum temperatures, while precipitation values were notoriously low for this period. Summer was characterized by an absence of precipitation, and above-average maximum temperatures. It was a warm, and extremely dry, season, set by heat waves in mid-June and mid-July. The harvest of Malvasia Fina at Quinta de Santa Teresa started on the 28th of August, with the grape bunches achieving perfect maturation.

Monólogo Malvasia Fina P70

Grapes Varieties

Malvasia Fina

An interesting grape variety historically grown in the Mediterranean region, probably of Greek origins. With extremely variable and inconsistent yields it is know to appear slightly smoky, even if it has not been matured in wood.


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Fatty fish dishes and poultry

Although we don’t believe in the definitive nature of food pairings and encourage experimentation this wine works especially well with fatty fish dishes and poultry.

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